LPN Fall 2017 Georgia Piedmont Technical College

  1. Anyone here that's been accepted into the fall LPN program
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  3. by   MagnoliaLou
    Hello, I've been accepted! How about you?
  4. by   TruckerWife
    How is the program going. I didn't get in this time again, so annoyed.
  5. by   futurern5
    I just applied for the spring 2018 class. How is it going so far?
  6. by   TruckerWife
    Hey I just applied too, when did you take your TEAS exam @futurern5
  7. by   futurern5
    I took it sept 19th. I don't think I scored high enough though.
  8. by   TruckerWife
    I don't think I scored high either, but I'm hoping I make it this time. The test seemed to be harder this time.
  9. by   futurern5
    Have you heard anything yet?
  10. by   TruckerWife
    Nothing yet I'm so nervous, but God got me.
  11. by   futurern5
    Yes! That's for sure. I'm pretty sure today is the day. Do they send emails or call?
  12. by   TruckerWife
    They send emails
  13. by   TruckerWife
    Got my email and didn't make it again, I'm not applying again I'm going to try another route
  14. by   futurern5
    I didn't get in either. First try but I'm pretty sure I'm done.