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  1. Hi Gang!

    I'm new to this site and so far it has been super informative in my journey to nursing school. Long story short, I've been a medic for 6 years, prior to that an EMT for 3. I am in the process of applying to Hutchinson Community College - the online medic/LPN to RN - and was wondering if anyone had any insight on how many attempts it might take to get in. I have pretty decent grades - a cumulative GPA of 3.7, with that in mind a C in English and AP 202. My Kaplan was not so amazing, I met all of the benchmarks and thats about it. I know there are quite a few people that apply and only 50 people get accepted a year. Does anyone out there know of any information regarding this?

    Thank you all for your support!
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  3. by   hajones5891
    Good luck to you! I also applied for the OBP at Hutch!