GTCC & Forsyth Tech's Accreditation??

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    I am currently working my prerequites and will soon be applying to nursing programs in the Greensboro/Winston-Salem area. Recently, I saw somewhere that both GTCC and Forsyth Tech's ADN programs are not accredited!! However, I could not find anything on their websites to prove or disprove this. I did see on the North Carolina Board of Nursing website that both of these schools are "fully approved". though I am not sure if that means that they are accredited. I was shock by this because these school are so competitive and seem very hard to get into, regardless of their accreditation statuses. Does it matter if an ADN program is accredited?? I will eventually go on to complete my BSN and I don't want having my RN education from an unaccredited school to keep me from getting accepted into an RN-BSN program in the future. If anyone has any insight or could tell me if this is the case, please let me know. Thanks!
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