Galen College

  1. I need advice!! I have been an LVN for 16 years and started several RN programs that didn't work for me. I have currently completed most of my prereqs and I am thinking about going to Galen in S.A. I have heard both good and bad. I know a couple of people that have gone there that I would not allow to take care of my dog but passed. So I was a little concerned about that. I also know that the credits don't transfer. I need input from people who have gone there and their experiences. I also may decide to get my FNP so what kind of issues would I meet with credit transfer.
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  3. by   ZomBunni24
    I'm going to galen in SP ,FL and my classes transferred.
  4. by   Shelby81
    Thank you for your input! I am very concerned about this issue but it really seems to be the only problem I have found.