Erudite, a.k.a medical career specialists

  1. Anyone know of Erudite a.k.a medical career specialist being able to sit for the nclex. Any current students or graduates.
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  3. by   LovingLife123
    They don't have a nursing program.
  4. by   tyasiaadlb84
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    Ummmm.... did you look at the website? A 120-credit BSN in 6-9 WEEKS?

    Not sure exactly WHAT it is, but it sure as heck is not a school of nursing.

    Read this thread, and then look for a REAL nursing school.

    new school - Erudite Nursing Institute
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  6. by   LovingLife123
    I read through their accreditation. They are not accredited and I don't think you can sit for NCLEX with them. It does a run around with accreditation stating that the ACEN is about to be shut down by congress and that someday there will be national nursing licensure and this program is preparing you for that.

    They are accredited by that for profit scam college agency. Lol. I had to laugh trying to understand what they were stating about accreditations.

    Each always has had and probably always will have their own BON.
  7. by   Guy in Babyland
    Q: Do ENI students take the NCLEX exams??

    A: The NCLEX parent company is a private company and does not form part of state or federal government. The NCLEX exam is just one route of qualifying for nursing licensure. Most ENI students do not take the NCLEX, because they have the option to take those offered by and through the Federal Board, which are superior to state and NCLEX licensure.

    Q: Why does ENI use NHCI accreditation as opposed to ACEN?

    A: Accreditation through the National Healthcare Credentialing Institute is stable, reliable, and backed by the Federal Government (How is it backed by the Federal Government?). ACEN is and has been facing multiple lawsuits in different states, as well as has run into serious issues with the Federal Government and the U.S. Department of Education for violating an Act of Congress(Violating an Act of Congress??). As a result, ACEN is in danger of losing its recognition as an accrediting agency. The consequences of this fiasco would be downright catastrophic for the many schools, students, and nursing professionals that put their faith and truth in what is currently an organization in violation of the law. NHCI accreditation has never faced any legal challenges or issues at all whatsoever.

    Q: Do all employers accept federally-granted licensure?

    A: Yes, absolutely. Any act of the U.S. Federal Government is legally binding upon all employers and states. (just because you call it a "national" license does not make it an Act of the US Federal Government). The only way for an employer to not accept said licenses is to violate the law. If any such occurrence takes place and any employer attempts to give students any difficulties at all whatsoever, they can and will be reported for violating the law and prevented from any form of discrimination in such a situation. Such licensure that is backed by the Federal Government puts students at an advantage as opposed to a disadvantage.
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  8. by   Guy in Babyland
    Here is a warning by Georgia Board of Nursing https://sdj0t1pqh49322a533ut60x1-wpe...RT-ERUDITE.pdf
  9. by   KatieMI
    Smells like a great deal of scam for me.
  10. by   tyasiaadlb84
  11. by   klone
    OMG, what a bunch of horse ****!! That's incredible that they can lie so blatantly. How have they not been shut down?
  12. by   Guy in Babyland
    When I went to the website, I had to switch from my regular rubber boots to the hip-waders because the BS was getting extremely deep. How can anyone believe that this school is legit?
  13. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    When I went to the website, I had to switch from my regular rubber boots to the hip-waders because the BS was getting extremely deep. How can anyone believe that this school is legit?
    As someone who directs a prelicensure program, I have learned that prospective students "don't know what they don't know". Some are incredibly naive and without someone knowledgeable to point out these things, fall victims to the worst of the for-profits and the outright scammers.
    I would encourage every nurse to make themselves available to the wannabe nurses to offer perspective and guidance.
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