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Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October... Read More

  1. by   brownielover
    Thanks LS118! The status on DD is "Thank you for applying for readmission to Drexel. If you have not done so already, please contact the academic department to which you are applying. They will make a decision regarding your readmission and notify you directly. The department's decision will not be accessible through this portal." Since Drexel was my Alma mater, I don't know if this goes for every applicant but a quick email to an advisor never hurts!
  2. by   PublicHealth
    I'm getting worried- I applied in late july/early august, and I thought I would have heard back by now. Do you think the wait is a bad sign? I have a 3.75 in my undergrad degree, and a 3.7 in prereqs with 4.0 in the sciences i've completed.
  3. by   Beekah20
    Hello all, I have not yet heard back either. Do we know when we should be hearing admissions decisions for the fall 2012 start if we applied before the deadline?
  4. by   angelina726
    I wouldn't be concerned on not hearing back yet... If you go through threads for previous Fall admissions, it looks like the majority of people hear back by Thanksgiving or early December. I am sure most of us will hear something within the next two weeks!!!
  5. by   katiew320
    Hi everyone. I applied to the Fall 2012 ace nursing program in mid-September and am currently a Drexel student in the pathway to health professions program. I have also not heard anything from admissions besides the notification on Discover Drexel "Thank you for your application. Your file is currently complete and under review. A decision has not yet been made regarding your admission status to Drexel University." I emailed admissions earlier this week to check the status of my application and received an email back saying "Your application to the ACE Nursing program is complete. Decisions for this program will be sent out in either late November or early December." So I guess it is just a waiting game for now.
  6. by   MegC
    i'm getting soooo impatient. i want to know NOW!!!
  7. by   PublicHealth
    Did anyone attend the online webinar tonight? If so, did they say anything about decisions? Thanks!
  8. by   s814
    PublicHealth I listened to the information session last night and they didn't say anything about decisions but during the question and answer portion when people asked they said they couldn't give exact dates but should be 4-6 weeks from when you apply. Im assuming that it's been more than 6 weeks for most of us, so hopefully decisions will be made soon!!
  9. by   lindsay830
    This wait is driving me crazy! Has anyone heard anything yet?
  10. by   CM89
    I was rejected! Hopefully this will give you guys a better timeline...
    I received the email that my application was complete on August 10th.
    I received an email that a decision has been made and to view discover drexel portal Nov 30th.
    The letter in the mail was dated November 29th and I received it Dec 2nd.

    I had a 3.51 cumulative GPA in Psychology with all prerequisites complete, and factored into that GPA. (I took all prereq's simultaneously with getting my Psych degree) However, I won't finish my degree until May, I have 3 or 4 more classes that I am taking in the spring - that's the only problem I can think of (even though they said this was fine when I was applying), or a GPA of 3.5 just isn't good enough. It's pretty annoying that I know nursing is what i want to do and everyone says it's "in such high demand" yet every person I know is struggling to get into a program.

    The letter gives no explanation and says " after careful consideration of your application, the admissions committee has determined that we are unable to offer you admission" .. call so and so if you have questions..

    Good luck to the rest of you!
  11. by   LS118
    CM89- this is crazy that this happened. If I were you I would definitely call the admissions department and ask for what happened/ If they can give you an explanation. Maybe it was a mistake? If I were you I would call just to make sure!!! Best of luck to you! I still have not heard.
  12. by   phillies21
    @CM89, I have similar stats now I am getting scared. I have a 3.6 cumulative gpa with b.a. in psychology. Would you mind sharing your pre req GPA?????
  13. by   CM89
    I'll probably call sometime later in the week to see if I can get a better explanation. I really don't like the fact that they don't interview/ask for recommendations or reasons/or basically know anything about their applicants besides their grades. At least personally I'd rather have a doctor or nurse who is compassionate, loves what they do, and is a fun-loving person with a 3.5 rather than one who can pull a 4.0 but has zero people skills.. and their program doesn't account for that.

    I don't remember the actual prereq combined GPA but I had A's in both english's, A's in both psychs, and an A in nutrition and chem lab. A- in micro. B+ in chem, in ethics, B in public speaking, B in sociology. I had a C in anatomy 1, and a B- in anatomy 2 (which I saw as the only downfall of my application BUT it was during those semesters when I was diagnosed with chronic itp, look it up future nurses!, and had my spleen removed.. which of course they are unaware of, and would have re-taken them if necessary)

    Did you guys apply anywhere else? I'm waiting to hear from West Chester - I go there now but it's not looking good - They're taking ~60 of us and received 1,400 requests for applications. But at least they interview!