Cost of Capella's online RN to BSN/MSN program??

  1. Hi, I'm waiting for a call back from Capella but am curious about the overall cost. I'm an ADN RN wanting to pursue an MSN in either Leadership or Education.
    After looking at the "cost calculator" on Capella's website it looks like it'll cost around $20-21k for the RN to BSN/MSN program... But it costs more if I just did the RN to BSN only option?
    Any input on the costs, the program itself or whether 3 classes at a time is doable would be appreciated! (I'm off work for 6-9 months after an injury). I'm willing to take out a $25k loan if I can get an MSN in approx 2 years or so and from all I've read on here it appears there are many happy Capella students.
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