Century College Spring 2019 MANE

  1. Hi! It's been two weeks since I had turned my application to Century College. While waiting for the letter to be mailed out, I was wondering if anyone else had applied to Century or to the other Mane schools. My composite score is 12.6 (4.0 GPA and 86% on the TEAS).
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  3. by   AubbyKay
    Hi! Yes, I did! 12.04 composite score so you have me beat Hoping to get in for spring!!
  4. by   NickiDMoe
    My composite score was 11.76 you both have me beat! I'm anxiously awaiting the acceptance letter. Have any of you ladies received or anyone else who sees this??
  5. by   liila
    Nothing yet, I believe letters are going to be sent out today.
  6. by   NickiDMoe
    Did you both get in? I didn't, I'm on the waitlist which is a huge bummer. I'm having my fingers crossed that I still have a chance.
  7. by   liila
    I got accepted. On another thread, people are denying their spots at Century. So you still have a chance (:
  8. by   NickiDMoe
    Yay congrats!!