Bloomfield College Nursing 2018 - page 9

Hey all, PLEASE DONT JUST READ AND GIVE A RESPONSE IF YOU HAVE ONE !! Is their any pre- nursing student who plan on attending bloomfield college 2018 ? If so whats your gpa and teas score ? when do... Read More

  1. by   Krystel1010
    I'm heading over to the school now
  2. by   Shaniqm837
    Me to
  3. by   Krystel1010
    I just got here. Lemme know when you're here
  4. by   Shaniqm837
    I'm in the breakfast room
  5. by   Shaniqm837
    What are you wearing
  6. by   Krystel1010
    I'm trying to find the room is it upstairs?
  7. by   Krystel1010
    I have in leggings and a striped top
  8. by   Krystel1010
    I'm going to register now
  9. by   Krystel1010
    Where are you
  10. by   Shaniqm837
    In the lab room where breakfast is being served. Are you in here.
  11. by   Krystel1010
    Yea I am I'm by the hospital bed in the striped top
  12. by   Krystel1010
    Where they're taking a pic rn is where I am