Bloomfield College Nursing 2018 - page 2

Hey all, PLEASE DONT JUST READ AND GIVE A RESPONSE IF YOU HAVE ONE !! Is their any pre- nursing student who plan on attending bloomfield college 2018 ? If so whats your gpa and teas score ? when do... Read More

  1. by   princessprincess
    @loressax3 when i spoke to someone they said they look at your science scores, gpa and teas and try to give everyone a fair shot.
  2. by   loressx3
    Yeah I heard the same. Hoping for the best for all of us. It's many people trying to get in!
  3. by   princessprincess
    @loressx3 do you commute or live on campus? also didd u take the chem and microbio class ?
  4. by   loressx3
    Camp. Yeah I took chem once before I transferred into BC but I got a c- so I'm retaking it this fall. Micro I took in the fall last semester
  5. by   loressx3
    What about You?
  6. by   princessprincess
    i commute. its 40 mins away from my house. i didnt take chem. i started micro but my professor sucks so i dropped it. i have my associate degree in science and i work in a hospital in the icu. so as far as medication, blood work and ekgs i know how to do and most of my co workers the nurse are professors at college so they help me
  7. by   loressx3
    Pretty dope. I have my associates in science as well. I got lucky the professor for micro I had isn't the one everyone is taken now. Lol she was sick the semester I came so had a sub.
  8. by   princessprincess
    we have 4 weeks left sis. my anxitey is sooo high.
  9. by   loressx3
    Super high girl. I'm tryna have faith tho
  10. by   loressx3
    The time is almost here have you heard anything ???
  11. by   Shaniqm837
    Nope. I'm waiting also.
  12. by   princessprincess
    i wish i heard something
  13. by   princessprincess
    @shaniam837 whats your gpa and teas score , if u dnt mind me asking