Barnes Jewish upper division wait list

  1. Hi guys,

    I have been looking at nursing school in STL and have narrowed down my choices to just barnes Jewish and SLU. I have already been accepted to the upper division at barnes and was really excited until the realization of the waiting list. Originally I was set on going the accelerated route but was open to the upper division because its not that much longer. I plan to apply to SLUs accelerated come fall but still wish there was some hope for barnes. So I am writing to see if anyone can provide input on my chances of getting to start at barnes somewhat soon. Right now I'm on the wait list at fall 2013- #149. Spring 2014-#157. Summer 2014-#100. Fall 2014-#58. I'm guaranteed a spot in spring of 2015 but was hoping to start this next degree by spring of 14.
    If anyone can provide input that would be great. Also any info on both programs!
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