Alvin Community College ADN Spring 2017

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I figured I'd get a discussion going for those of us who will be applying to the ADN program at ACC for the Spring 2017 semester. I hear it's a really tough program to get into.

    I've completed Anat & Phys I, English, and General Psychology, and I'm currently taking Anat & Phys II, Medical Micro, and Lifespan Growth & Development.

    I'm not feeling very confident about my chances of getting in since I don't have all of the prerequisite courses completed at the moment, but I guess it's worth a shot (I'm also applying to LSC CyFair and Kingwood).

    I'm just curious, do most of you who are applying have all the prerequisite courses completed?
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  3. by   izaguirl
    I have them completed.
  4. by   Futrlactationnurse2
    Ive applied as well.