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Online MSN/MBA or FNP programs

nhnurse25 nhnurse25 (New) New

Hi All,

I am looking for recommendations on good online MSN/MBA or FNP programs. A couple I have looked at are: Drexel, Gardner Webb, Delta State, Chamberlain, Univ. of Texas at Tyler, Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas. Has anyone had experience with these or do you have recommendations for other programs? Also any thoughts regarding which route to go, MSN/MBA or FNP?

I attend Delta State and I know that their iMBA program is 100% online but the FNP program does require a few actual campus visits throughout the year.. so that could be a factor depending on where you live.

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What type of work do you want to do after you graduate? That should be the main factor in your decision. There is a big difference between the types of work graduates of those types of programs do. What are your career goals? Which type of job suits your strengths and preferences best? That's what you need to know before you can make an informed decision.


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