Online MSN in Case Mngmn - University of AL vs. other programs? Full-time vs. part-time?

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I am looking at MSN degrees with a focus on case management. After reviewing several different programs and taking into consideration things like cost per credit hour, length till completion, and options of full-time vs. part-time, I have decided to pursue an online only format.

I'm especially interested in the University of Alabama MSN-CM program, but between working full-time and having a 4 yr old and 2 yr old (would be 5yrs and 3yrs if I started in Fall 2016), I'm unsure about doing full-time vs. part-time. One big benefit of full-time is that my employer will offer more reimbursement. Another big plus is having it done in 3 semesters vs. 6 semesters.

If anyone else out there has done this program, please let me know your experiences. Did you find it manageable with a full-time job? Did you enjoy the program? Or if you have suggestions for a different, online-only, MSN - Case Management program, please let me know. I haven't settled on a university yet, but UoA is definitely a front-runner at the moment :-)

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