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Online LPN to RN or BSN

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Hi. I was just getting interested in looking at options now that after this quarter I become an LPN as to whether or not I want to continue to my RN through this school or do an online program. So with that said, does anyone know good online programs? I'm open to either LPN to RN or LPN to BSN programs currently. I've been looking a little bit at the options but wanted to know what you guys think? Are there ones to avoid? Ones you recommend?

Thank you

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Buyer beware has 40 years experience as a BSN and specializes in GENERAL.

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Go to this site and look around.

The LPN-RN bridge sounds like a good way to bilk tuition out of you with a slick marketing ploy.

Try taking the prerequisites at the local CC, one at your own sweet time, save a ton of money by paying your own way and when the time comes apply to a reputable school and become a RN.

You got this.

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