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Online license renewal Breeze

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Anyone else having trouble with the online renewal?

I listed all my CE, went to the next screen which was about convictions, but there is no way to get past that as the 'next' button is grayed out.

There is no option to state 'no convictions' either.


Am I missing something or is a glitch?

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528 Posts; 8,378 Profile Views

OK, so I called them and figured it out.

I'm adding it here in case anyone has the same question.


When you get past adding your CE list, the next page is about convictions.

The 'next' button is grayed out. There is nowhere to click 'no convictions' and no way of skipping to the next page.

So you have to click 'Add' to open a box in this screen.

This it NOT to add convictions, its to open the 'yes or no' box relating to convictions. Click no and then magically the 'new' button switches from gray to blue.

Hope this helps!



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