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Online FNP post masters certificate

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by Denissef Denissef (New) New Nurse

Denissef has 14 years experience and specializes in Wounds, Education.

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I am debating between some online schools (Drexel, Chamberlain, Walden) but I really would love to hear from actual students.

1) What are the classes like? Do you get dumped with PPTs and homework along with reading assignments or the teachers record their lecture besides assigning readings and PPTs?

2) How many weeks do semesters/blocks run?

3) I hear schools ARE required to offer NP students clinical placement but so far all of these schools have washed their hands saying is the student responsibility. Id like to hear your experience on this.

4) Can you rate the quality of education received?

5) Would you recommend this school and why?

I would greatly appreciate if people from these schools enrolled or graduated from post masters certificate can share their experience.

Thanks in advance!

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