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Online Courses offered at CCN


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Hello everyone,

I am looking to begin taking classes at Chamberlain College of Nursing in Miramar, FL. However, when the semester starts, I will be in Yokosuka, Japan with my husband until he deploys. I was curious to know what courses CCN offers online so I can plan out my schedule.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!!

Welcome :) I go to the Miramar Campus. The quick and easy answer is "anything without clinicals can be taken online with the exception of NR-101". So... take all your pre-reqs, basically, if you need any.... plus pharmacology and pathophysiology... after that you're pretty much stuck with on-campus classes.

Good luck and send me a message if you have any questions ;)


Has 1 years experience.

Thanks Meeshie. I'm trying to be able to wait to take college algebra since I know it's not my strong point lol. I haven't been accepted yet but I'm claiming it now. I take the HESI A2 on the 30th and I'm looking forward to getting accepted.