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Online alternatives to 1302 & 1308?

by TexasMitzi TexasMitzi (New) New

I dropped 1302 last summer after receiving the syllabus from the instructor only two days before the start date with the new requirements of a web cam, additional money for the proctoring and outlining the extensive homework along with the timed tests! 20 complex problems in 90 minutes with the pressure of keeping my entire family quiet as a mouse and no bathroom breaks? Yikes! I'd already bought the insanely expensive loose leaf text and the MyLab access code which they won't purchase back as I waited too long to return them:( After reading all of the reviews of these two classes, I want to find another online slower paced alternative to UTA. I've done great with the other classes I've taken at UTA, and I'm not afraid to study hard. I can't go to my local community college due to my crazy work schedule, child and senior care requirements. I need to do this online and find an instructor who has a little compassion for working moms! Any ideas?


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Can you do online at a community college? That's what I did. I think the class itself only cost me about $175.