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only have one week time to study.. im so anxious!!


im working two jobs and have little time to read saunders nd ncsbn, anyone can tell me what should i focus on? core content or do q and a? and what resources is effective? thanks yall ;)

I would say that with crunch time, you should probably just focus on q and a and reading the rationales. That's really the best way to practice for what's coming ahead!

I'm also doing NCSBN, and kaplan. They are both difficult, but great practice!!

Definitely Q&A. You will learn how to answer questions and learn content. The best questions are NCSBN and NCLEX-3500. Or at least these two helped me the most. Best of luck.

thank you guys.. my friend allow me to use her kaplan qbank probably gonna use it for the whole week ;) im out of ncsbn yesterday do u think its worth 50 bucks to get the 3 week course again just to practice the compre exam?

It is definitely worth it....

any have a nclex 3500 free link? pls pls