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One step Microtia reconstruction?


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So I'm looking for peds nurses and other opinions. My daughter has microtia and atresia on the right and I've been doing the watchful waiting game. A doctor in Boise Idaho sent information to my pediatrician on his one step reconstructive surgery for this condition and my daughter has a fair amount of pinna to work with plus, we know her middle and inner ear are fine, she simply lacks a tympanic membrane (bone instead)

What I would love to hear from are peds nurses who take care of these children post-op, How do they do, how personable is the doctor, does he respond in a timely manner when called, does he listen to you as nurses. and any other independent observations.

We live in Northern NY and know nobody in Boise. So this would be logistically challenging and I just want to know more from independent sources.

My daughter is 12, she's more self conscious about the hearing deficit than she is about the ill formed pinna.