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One section lowered than requirement (UTMB)!

yaoyun978 yaoyun978 (New) New

Hi everyone,

I just took my TEAS today and I got a 58.2% on my grammar section (English is my second language.) My other sections are OK, but I'm still very disappointed because UTMB requires each section to be 60% or higher...

There's no time for me to retake since the deadline is on the 15th. Do you guys think I can submit my application first and retake the exam to update it to a better score later?...like after the deadline?

I'm really frustrated because it's a Friday, no one answers the phone now and Monday is a holiday:facepalm:.

Please help if you know anything about retaking TEAS and updating it after deadline!

Thank you so much,


I think only people from the campus department will know the answer to this. If you haven't already, maybe you can look up school policies regarding this issue on the school website.


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Yes I believe you can. Email it to the admissions personnel.


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