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One more day...

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I started doing a Transition to Neonatal Intensive Care course in September 06, and have been in our LII nursery ever since.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Apparently I am competent enough to go to LIII.

I don't feel competent, I feel terrified! :uhoh21: All those vents and sick babies - and they have had 3 withdrawals of care in the past 48 hours.

Just looking for support and sympathy, I guess! Thanks for listening.


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Hi,if they r confident enough to put you with really sick babies,i believe u are ready to be there.And the change to a new place could really be scaring ,but u will feel better once u getting familiar in a few days.And don;t forget to talk with senior staff who work with you about any questions or concerns.

Enjoy your day!

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