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Oncology Research Paper - ideas needed

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I am completing my final rotation of nursing school on a Hematology/Oncology floor. One of my assignments is to write a research paper (no more than 10 pages) on a 'problem' related to this area of nursing. Although it sounds negative, the 'problem' doesn't have to be something bad - it may just be a gap in knowledge or something. I am having a difficult time coming up with something that is interesting, yet still somewhat basic. Any ideas from experienced oncology nurses, especially those with experience in caring for leukemia patients?

Thanks! :idea:

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NotReady4PrimeTime has 25 years experience as a RN and specializes in NICU, PICU, PCVICU and peds oncology.

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Have you thought about late effects of treatment on pediatric leukemia survivors? By the year 2000, 1:1000 young adults was a survivor of childhood cancer. As treatment protocols evolved, there was little attention paid to the future price these youngsters would face as they reached late adolescence and adulthood. A lot of research has been done in the last decade with some very alarming issues brought to light. (I know a lot of them but I'm not telling! It would spoil the learning opportunity for you.) I'll bet no one else in your class will think to look at that topic.

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