where does primary ca met to? Help!

  1. Do any of you know where I can find the data that tells the usual metastisis from a primary ca site? Thanks so much! Patty Rosen
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  3. by   kookyscientist
    for info about cancer metastases go to...
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    Sorry wrong link. try this one. i hope this works...http://www.cancerbacup.org.uk/info/unknown.htm
  5. by   BethK
    Lung: liver, brain
    Breast: bone, spine, adrenal, lung, liver, brain
    Prostate: bone, spine, liver
    Colon: mesenteric, liver, lung
    Bladder: prostate, colon, vagina (fistula is common)

    These or the more common pathways from my experience. I hope this is helpful.