Unbelievable! Awesome PDA program!

  1. Hey all,
    We recently started using this awesome program for your palm pilot (PDA, I think they're called) It's called OncoRN and is so awesome bc you can use it to get oncology drug info right in the palm of your hand. no books, no asking other people. Seriously, go to the website and order this! You won't be sorry!
    I'll be here to help if you need it!
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  3. by   BethORN7
    Does anyone else use this? I'd be interested in exchanging some pointers and advice.:roll
  4. by   woogiebehr
    Beth, thanks for the lead! One of the reasons that I got my PDA was to download pharms, but I've been too busy to research. I just down loaded & tried, and it looks great!