Taxol and baseline EKG

  1. I just have a question regarding Taxol and obtaining baseline EKGs. Only one of our four oncologists does this and so I have researched to see if the hospital needs to require an EKG prior to Taxol therapy. So I guess my question is how many of your facilities require an EKG and if you do, how ofter, like prior to each dose or every 6 months. As far as can tell from the company website, they do not recommend it.


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  3. by   photonurse11
    I have worked at two different hospitals in oncology. The physicians used the ekg as a baseline assessment tool, but not necessary to have an ekg to start taxol.

    It's always good to do baseline checks on all systems before attacking the body with chemo.

    Hope this helps.

  4. by   caroladybelle
    Some require an EKG, and some require an Echo/Muga, before the first dose, and reassess PRN.