Taking OCN next week

  1. I am scheduled to take the OCN next week and I am in a little bit of a panic. I took a review course through Wake Forrest Baptist Health Oncology, I have the Core Curriculum and the study guide and have been doing all of those chapters and questions. I was getting between 75 and 90% of those questions right. I also have been studying a question book that had really good reviews on Amazon. I took the free practice exam on the ONCC website and got an 84. I purchased the other three tests available on the ONCC website. I have taken two of them and got 60 on one and 66 on the other. I am kind of freaking out that I am going to fail. Has anyone else purchased those tests and done so poorly but still passed the OCN?
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  3. by   LovelyRN90s
    How was your exam? Any insight? I am using Core Curriculum and ONS practice exams as well.