Santa Cruz or Petaluma Oncology Nursing

  1. Hello, I have one year of experience on a busy oncology/hematology floor. I am chemotherapy certified and I am working on my OCN certification. I also have ACLS certification. I am moving from another state to either Petaluma, CA or Santa Cruz, CA (depending on where my spouse gets his job).

    Does anyone know any good hospitals in these cities (or surrounding areas) hiring oncology RNs?

    Does anyone have any idea about the job outlook for RNs in these cities?

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  3. by   hav2nurse
    Have you ever thought of working in an outpatient Oncology clinic. There are a few offices that are hiring and the work is usually M-F 8-5. Petaluma is close to Santa Rosa, Vallejo, Fairfield, concord so you could look in those areas. Sutter was hiring in Santa Cruz area but don't know if they still are and that was for an outpatient oncology clinic. I heard John Muir is a good hospital and its in Concord. Good luck
  4. by   luvsfallin
    Thank you for your reply! I will definitely look into outpatient clinics.