RRT at the end of my orientation

  1. It is a good thing and a bad thing that I got to experience all that adrenaline-inducing action before I am on my own next week.

    I am thoroughly enjoying working in a hem/onc unit as a new grad. I'll be forever be thankful to this hospital that hired me to this unit.

    It was frightening though, to watch this patient, who I've had for the last three nights in a row, deteriorate right in front of my eyes. I watched my preceptor in amazement, as she took command of the situation, so clear-headed and assertive, and fast!

    I know how fragile this particular patient population can be, and they can go downhill so fast. I am not fast, I admit it. My strength lies in thinking rather than action. So I know it is an area I really need to work on. As I conclude my orientation training, I look forward to being on my own, but with trepidation.

    I also want to say to all the experienced oncology nurses: I don't know how you guys do it. You're amazing!
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  3. by   nmama218
    What's RRT?
  4. by   clarix89
    hope everything is going well!
    I am concluding my first semester in my accelerated nursing program, and I definitely know that I want to go into oncology nursing )

    stay strong, and I'm sure you're a wonderful nurse!