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  1. Hi! I am starting out as a new grad RN on a cancer floor and will primarily be working with bone marrow transplant patients. What are some good books and resources for this population? I know I will learn plenty on the floor, but I still have 2 weeks until orientation so I want to get a good base. Thanks!
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    Congratulations! I'll be a new RN starting on the BMT unit this month @ RPCI in Buffalo! Whereabouts will you be starting? I would just browse around reliable websites like the MAYO Clinic. But I wouldn't stress on finding too resources right now, usually the hospital will have plenty of information that is available. I did an internship last summer on the unit where I got hired and they had a nicely bound book available for me as a resource. Good luck with everything!!!
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    Congrats to you as well! I'll be at Markey Cancer Center in Kentucky.

    Wanted to come back and drop this link off for anyone else who is looking. Very easy to read, and gives a primer for those of us who are completely new to the area!
  5. by   sophie<3
    haha ok that's really weirdddddd, i work on BMT in Markey. PM me

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