Red, yellow and green lights on Oncology floor

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    I recently had to visit an oncology floor and saw a gadget resembling traffic lights on the floor. When asked, the staff stated it was to monitor noise. However, the gadget did not light up when we stood and talked close to it. It did light up though, when one of the staff members passed by. I am wondering if it is a radiology monitor. All the CNAs thought it was a noise monitor. Please can someone clarify this? Thanks.
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  3. by   LisaJ_RN
    i saw these in a childrens hospital and it was for noise....not sure what that was.
  4. by   msjellybean
    It's a noise monitor.

    We have one in the center of our unit (which is circular). It's a great idea in theory, but as usual, is terrible in its application. You can stand right next to it and yell across the unit and it won't go off. But stand next to it and take a flush out of the wrapper? Damn thing flashes up to yellow. We usually leave it turned off.
  5. by   cicatrixx15
    We had one of these in our cafeteria in primary school like forever ago. If it got to red, we all had to go on silence. LOL

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