recuring ALL

  1. Hello everyone-
    My girlfriend has found out that she is recurring with ALL. I was just trying to get some info about how to deal with this. I have never been in a relationship with someone with cancer. I don't know really what the prognosis is with this type of leukemia.
    She is 28.
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  3. by   lgoins
    My heart goes out to you both. This has to be a difficult time. The most important thing to remember is not prognosis or treatment. The most important thing right now is emotional support. How is your girlfriend feeling about this? What is her support system like? Honesty is going to be real important. If you're scared, tell her. It's OK not to have the answers. It's more important to listen without trying to fix anything.

    As for ALL, it's less common in adults than children. How long was she in remission? Patients with ALL may be eligible for bone marrow transplant if a suitable match can be found.

    Good luck with the coming days. You will both be in my thoughts & prayers.