oncology nurse's week?

  1. Just a question--I am hoping to increase staff morale on my heme/onc unit. Wondering when/if there is an oncology nurse's week? We are hoping to do some fun stuff that week if such a thing exists. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any information to pass along.
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  3. by   Carol E
    The Oncology Nursing Society sponsors a Oncology nursing day and week in conjunction with it's spring congress to be held this year in San Diego, May 16-20. Oncology nurse week is 5/14-5/20, day is 5/16. There is likely a local chapter near you. The meetings are usually once per month, set up by the local chapter, and usually have a speaker. They are fun, informative and supportive. Consider joining!!
  4. by   babynurse7
    Thank you for passing your information along. I will let the staff on my unit know what you have shared!!