New to Outpatient Heme/Onc Nursing

  1. I've been an RN for over 5 years with experience on the floor (Tele, Med/Surg, Surgery, PINS, and ER). I have accepted a position at a wonderful cancer center in the area and am looking into some study materials/books on Heme/Onc nursing. Does anyone have any suggestions on an easy read. They want me to obtain certification in 3 years, which I'm all about...but I'm kind of nerdy where I want to get started on whatever basics I can before orienting in two weeks. I have much experience accessing ports and PICCs, but no experience with chemo meds and such. I know you can only learn so much from literature...but I know books in other fields have helped. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   scuba nurse
    I used to work oncology inpt and out pt. Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is your best resource. They have everything you need, all the books, info about testing...etc.. Good luck!