New grad RN starting oncology nursing tomorrow!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm starting my RN career tomorrow as a nurse on the IMCU unit in a cancer hospital. I've been passionate about oncology since day one of my clinical at this hospital so I am very excited. Does anyone have any advice as I start on my oncology nursing journey, or any advice about working in the IMCU? Thanks so much
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  3. by   FirmlyAnchored
    I'll try to take a stab although I am a student nurse oncology intern at a hospital not a cancer hospital. Sounds to me like you will be dealing with cancer patients that are having cardiac problems. So knowing how to read and understand the telemetry monitor will be important. An oncology patient maybe having a cardiac reaction to a cancer drug; who knows? every patient is different. You'll get a much better feel once you are there. Congratulations on getting the job! Best of luck to you!