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  1. Hi, I'm currently a nursing student. I know that I want to work in pediatric oncology, but I've had trouble finding out what path I should take and how I gain the education/experience needed for this specialty. Any info you could provide me with about the path I should take would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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  3. by   icombs
    Pedi-Oncology is like a sub specialty, try going into either Peds or Oncology inpatient, and request all types of inservice and training...try to hook up with a mentor or older expereinced nurse that can show you the ropes. Because almost with out exception, if a job came up for a pedi-oncolgy nurse they are going to want at least 2 years expereince in either pedi or oncology, and most supervisors will give first choice to some one that has expereince in both. Most hiring supervisors want at least one year of Med-Surg expereince...but recently I have seen hospitals hire New-grads for every position they have open... you know nurse shortage and all..Good Luck... ohhh and one more thing, join a local chapter of PONS or ONS(pedi Onco Nurse Society) and/or (Oncology Nurses Society) lots of information, conferences, networking, training opportunities.