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  1. I wonder if Mesna is okay to dispose in ordinary waste bin. I believe it's a uroprotector, it's not classified as chemotherapy/antineoplastic drugs. Is it okay to dispose in a regular waste bin a remaining mesna about 300 ml left in the IV bag because the doctor told me to stop it? Is it not a hazardous drug? Please give me clarification. Thank you.
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  3. by   hemeoncnursesc
    I always refer to the MDS for information re: correct & safe disposal. My initial questions are: Was the mesna mixed with a cytotoxic agent like Ifos or was it only Mesna? If it was mixed with something like Ifos, it goes in the chemo bin....if it was just Mesna, it depends on the RN disposiing of it. Regardless, I believe that we have a responsibility to be overly cautious when disposing of these types of biologic agents. I've seen empty Mesna bags disposed of in the "regular" trash cans and in chemo specific disposal bags. If I had been in your situation, I would have double bagged the left over Mesna into a chemo safe bag and disposed of it in the designated chemo bin.