looking for others for online study group for ocn

  1. Hi! I am planning on taking the ocn certification test in September. Looking for others to particpate in an online study group of some sort. Not sure what I forsee this as being. Maybe others have some idea. Please reply if interested.

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  3. by   wiegel34
    Hi I am also studying to take the OCN certification test in Sept.
    If you can think of a good way to study on line, it would be interesting. How long have you been in oncology. I started a year ago and our policy states I have to be certified within 1 year
  4. by   reese-2000
    Have been nurse 6 years, first 5 as a traveler (that is another story in itself) but have been gradually increasing the amount of oncology patients I have been working with. Been on an actual oncology floor since July. No real protocol where I work about being OCN certified. Only a few are, mostly because of cost -- hospital doesn't pay for any part of certification. Am basically doing it to feel more knowledgeable / competent with taking care of cancer patients. Email me at reese-2000@mchsi.com to discuss ocn more.