I have an interview in Inpatient Oncology

  1. Can someone give a me a quick overview of what this entails? I'm thinking end of life or medication changes?

    Thanks a lot.
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  3. by   iluvivt
    depending upon what that hospital provides this may include

    1. Administration of Chemotherapy and biologics and protectants..blood and blood product administration
    2. Monitoring for all types of chemotherapy complications....managing complications and side effects and hypersensitivity reactions.and life threatening reactions
    3.providing end of life care
    4 Managing all types of Venous access devices
    5 patient and family teaching
    6.Spiritual and physiological support to patient and family
    7.The occaisional med-surg patient

    That is to just name a few
  4. by   Abbygirl09
    I agree with iluvivt's description, my unit also gets quite a few sickle cell patients, and lots of reverse isolation due to neutropenia precautions.