Great Oncology Nursing Book

  1. Now that I've passed the boards, I needed a book that would explain everything about oncology nursing. I have been working since graduation in June on an Ocology unit. It has been a great experience but there are so many things I don't understand. I like knowing why I'm doing things not just doing them because I was told to. "Oncology Nursing Secrets", Second Edition, by Rose A. Gates and Regina M. Fink is exactly what I have been looking for. It is a small sized softcover book in question and answer form separated by topics. I have learned about platelets, C-diff, Toradol, blood cultures, and so on. I just got it through Barnes and Noble's web site. It cost about $35. It is a great book for any new RN in oncology or anyone who is interested in Oncology. It covers all the different cancers, the treatments, nausea and vomiting, nutritional support, sexuality, pain management, etc. Hope this helps.

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