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  1. HI, everyone ..Here's my background. I'm a foreign-trained, BSN degree RN from Ontario. I've been nursing here in Canada for the past 8 years, 5 of those years in an oncology-palliative area. Right now, I work FT in a busy outpatient, oncology clinic at a community hospital. I don't know which way to go, whether to move into a teaching hospital so I can be in a mentorship program for professional growth/development (?) Then pursue further studies....I love working in oncology, and dealing with this patient population. I'd love to do more patient teaching and developing patient educational materials. I'm finishing up an Adult teaching certificate....

    Can anyone suggest a credible instution (recognize by universities here, like UFT) that's able to assess my foreignBSN credentials? Perhaps, I can skip the BSN program then proceed to a Master's degree instead....Flexible nursing program, I plan to still work FT(benefits) while studying. My goal is to have my own business (nursing education - nurses and patients) in 5 years time.

    Any input, I'd be glad to receive......Thank you in advance!
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