Chemo temperatures

  1. I have been on a Med/Onc floor for 18 months. I became chemo certified 4 months ago. Most of the chemo that comes to the floor is placed in a refrigerator until it is time to dispense. Some are non-refridgerated. My question is about whether the refrigerated meds should be taken out prior to administration and if so for how long. I am not sure where to look in the literature. I will talk to pharmacy about it as well, but I was wondering what other, more experienced practitioners have to say. Thanks
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  3. by   julieK
    We do not keep any chemo in the refrigerator. I have worked both on the floor and in the outpatient chemo treatment center. The pharmacy delivers the chemo within 12 hours of scheduled administration, and if there is a shorter expiration time, the pharmacist will be in very close contact with the nurse to ensure that they will be able to give the chemo within the appropriate time.