Chemo/cancer treatment plan worksheet

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    We've had some issues in our practice where a doc is away, a person comes in for chemo/treatment and the orders are ambiguous regarding timing of doses. A patient mistakenly got an extra week of taxol (supposed to be on an every 3 week dose vs. weekly). The doc doing the original prescribing left vague notes and the doc's who were on call weren't sure what the plan was. Anyway, we don't have any standardized form to document a patient's treatment plan. I thought it would be great if the treatment plan could be created from a Word template and updated as needed. We could keep a copy in the chart and give one to the patient so that no matter who treated the patient we'd all be on the same page with treatment. I'd like to be able to include this with some patient education regarding side effects to report, etc. Does anybody use some type of treatment plan form in your practice that you could share? Thanks!
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