Chemo/bio card certification without taking a course?

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    Just wanted to get some professional advice. I have currently worked on an oncology unit for 1 year. The nurse educator tells a few coworkers and myself that it's time to get certified to administer chemo. Im thinking she was going to offer a class prior to us taking the exam but she said no. Instead she hands us the ONS chemo/bio book and tell us it's open book and that she will provide a hands on Class AFTER we pass. Well I tried to review this book and the information is overwhelming for self study. I went back and asked if there was an outline that we could use for studying, and again she said no and just said "it's open book so you will be fine. I looked on the ONS website, and while there seems to be no site courses offered anymore, there are online ones but never offered to us. Nurses who been on the unit longer state that they had a class prior to testing, but here I am feeling as if I'm winging it which is not safe for the patient or my nursing license. I'm very close to resigning over this. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   OncEd
    Join ONS take the course for fundamentals which is the gold standard. Not sure how your facility trains, but that sounds like a dangerous situation.