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On my way to become a UK-RN :)

Specializes in ER, General Ward.

Hi everyone! Just like you I'm dreaming of becoming a registered nurse in the United Kingdom. :) I passed the IELTS test in JAN 2017 & is now planning to take the CBT exam this JUNE. I have the Royal Marsden Book 9th Edition - Student Manual and is aware of the blue prints that I should understand by heart in the NMC site. However, I'm a little bit nervous and doubtful if I can pass the CBT. :shy::arghh::bookworm::bluecry1: I really need some encouragements from you guys as well as tips from any recent CBT takers? TIA! :yes:

I am also in the beginning stages of the process however I am going through Continental Travel Nursing and they are helpful with every step. How was the IELTS? I am taking it in a couple weeks and although I'm a native English speaker I'm nervous.


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