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Can anyone give me an idea how to show ways to increase nurse/patient ratio staffing hours? I am taking an online class and have never been in administration. I am doing a paper and need 12-13 references of how to do this. It is to try to bring about an improvement in an organization. I have to have a proposal ASAP!



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There is a ton of information on this subject. In nursing, staff to patient ratios is a hotly debated and researched topic. I am sure with a little diligence you will be able to find lots of helpful references for your paper. Here are some suggestions that might help:

1. Google search on the topic ... that always helps me.

2. Go to the web sites of the California Nurses Association - this topic is covered in many different ways.

3. You can also visit some of the nursing journal web sites - Nursing 2005, AJN and others.

4. American Hospital Association AHA has a lot of information on the topic also.

5. Finally, I would also check out the ANA web site .... this information is widely published there.

There are a number of scholarly sources debating the nurse to patient ratio isse relating to mortality in a post surgical patient that might be helpful.

Good luck.

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