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OMRA timing

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Resident admitted on 4/10 for rehab and IV antibiotics. NC eval ARD date set at 4/15 for day 1-14. On 4/20 (day11) she completed therapy goals and dc'd from therapy, but continued IV antibiotics until 4/25(day 16). I'm confused over which date should be used for the 2nd ARD.

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PPS Scheduled Assessment and End of Therapy OMRA

ARD (Item A2300) must be set within the window for the Medicare scheduled assessment and 1-3 days after the last day therapy was furnished (Item O0400A6 or O0400B6 or O0400C6, whichever is the latest date).


Code A0310 as follows:

  • A0310A = 99
  • A0310B = 02
  • A0310C = 2

If last therapy was given on 4/20, choose ARD 4/21, 4/22, or 4/23 (days 1, 2, & 3 post therapy/days 12, 13, & 14 of 14-day).

  • 5-day RUG paid 4/10 - 4/20
  • EOT/14-day RUG paid from 4/21 until skilled services ceased (on or before day 30 of Med A stay)

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