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Olympic College Nursing 2015

by cmonster1220 cmonster1220 (New) New


I was wondering if anyone applied to the Olympic College Nursing Program for Fall 2015 and has been accepted?

Hi there,

It seems we are the only two here applying for OC!! I applied but didn't get in this year. I'm crossing my fingers for next year and the 'roll-over' point, but even with that it will only give me 13/15 points which I believe is not good enough to get in. Trying to stay upbeat and optimistic! I did hand in my paperwork today for their LPN program.

Thanks for the reply! I was just wondering because I have 14/15 points and still didn't get in. I'm just hoping they didn't mess up my application like they did last year...


Specializes in Skilled Rehab Nursing. Has 3 years experience.

I applied and was waitlisted but i got in at pc

If you don't mind me asking how many factoring points did you end up with when you applied?