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Old New Grad Offered Corrections Position

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by LilMissPriss RN LilMissPriss RN (New Member) New Member

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I had a telephone interview today for a correctional (jail) facility. Well just a little background first..... I am an old new grad....graduated 2008.......worked six months Labor and Delivery..........then "married" the military and had to take a job as an education advisor (stationed in Europe) for the last year......Now we are due to move back to the States...... I did some volunteer time in the Women's Health Clinic also...........

Well back to my interview.......I feel it went very well..............the only drawback is that the staffing numbers aren't what I expected......it seems there are at least 4 areas of the facility where an RN will be.......but for the most part you are the only one in that area........I am really worried about my nursing skills as far as med/surg types of things because of my LandD background..........and the level of autonomy also since I am still a "newbie".......... There are some other areas opening up as far as employment and I have been steadily applying..........I was offered two more interviews but I need to wait until I arrive stateside...........There are three positons in LandD/Women's Health....... Not to mention I love the preggos and I have a passion for teaching women about their bodies.....but I want to be able to experience other areas in the future...

Should I stick with those areas or tread new waters?:)

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mommy.19 has 7 years experience and works as a APRN.

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I personally LOVE corrections nursing. It's a very different environment (to state the obvious) and you have to really enjoy what you're doing. In my opinion, my personality type jives with this type of position a lot better than many hospital "unit" positions (though my other job is in a Neuro Trauma ICU). I'd advise to go what you're interested in, and if it is an issue of having a secure job, take the one you KNOW you will get.

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OldMareLPN has 5 years experience.

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If you are considering corrections, please take a moment to go to youtube and look at all the videos you can find on corrections/nursing. I think this will give you a good overview.

Also, look at sites that support the prisoner population and what they say about correctional nursing. You can also go to google and subscribe to get sent every news article about correctional nursing the day they appear.

Finally a wise old nurse told me to remember that every prisoner already has a lawyer ready to sue you.

Also, remember nurses in correctional nursing can not get individual insurance for a reason.

Finally turn on cable and watch all the programs such as lockup and hard time, and see if the environment is for you.

Good luck.

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